Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Running on Empty

I'm a motorhead. As a kid I had always been fascinated with Matchbox cars, Hotwheels, and Revell scale models. I filled by head with trivia about car design and idiosyncrasy. One eccentric feature of the Jaguar XJ6, for example, is that it has dual gas tanks - one behind each rear quarter panel. You may find yourself stuck on the highway, out of gas, if you're unaware of a little switch on the dash to switch over to the second 12 gallon tank. 

Certain times, when dealing with our daughter's type 1 diabetes, I find myself running low on fumes. The prospect of maintaining tight (or even good) blood sugar control can be daunting. But every time this happens, I seem to eventually find an unexpected reservoir of hope...of energy...of resolve to keep pushing through. I think diabetes has helped me realize I have a "second tank." Persistence is the switch that helps to tap into it. 

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