Thursday, January 02, 2014

Malcontent in 2014

As the new year kicks off, I find myself basking in happiness as my entire family comes together to celebrate the holidays. It's easy to feel satisfied. Things are going pretty well.  But I've resolved to be a malcontent in 2014.

Since Cassie's diagnosis of type 1 diabetes in 1997, we've learned ALOT about managing blood sugars. Fast acting insulins like humolog and novolog have freed us from the tyranny of a strict meal and snack schedule. Improvements with insulin pump technology gets us closer to a closed-loop artificial/bionic pancreas. Money that we've raised for JDRF has yielded advancements towards beta cell encapsulation, pancreatic regeneration and secured insurance reimbursements for Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM). Sure, I could kick back for a while on our family's crusade against T1D. But until a diabetes cure is a reality, I can't be content.

According to the dictionary, a malcontent is a person who is dissatisfied and rebellious. A malcontent is a trouble maker and a rabble rouser. I want to keep making trouble for diabetes in 2014.

Don't forget that I tend to tweet to my Twitter account (@daddybetes) more regularly than my sporadic blog posts. I keep up the blog because sometimes I can't possibly capture everything I want to say in 140 characters.

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