Monday, February 04, 2013

Monday Morning QB

I'm absolutely amazed at the flurry of analysis after last night's Superbowl game. Every sports show obsesses over one big question: "What if...?"  What if the power in the Superdome hadn't cut off for 34 minutes? What if the Ravens had been called for holding on a fourth down play in the endzone? What if Joe Flacco had been injured in the playoffs?

I guess we're all prone to placing an inordinate amount of attention on hindsight. As we manage diabetes, we constantly second guess ourselves with questions like: "What if we had bolused more for that baked potato," or "What if we hadn't switched to formula so early," or "What if we had checked at 4 am too?"

We beat ourselves up with all these after-the-fact insights. Like football, Diabetes isn't a game of perfect. You just need to make sure you show up, work hard and stay in the game.

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