Wednesday, January 30, 2013

T1D: All in the Family

Cassie, Papa, Mom and Uncle all have T1D
It's unfortunate when I hear of families that have more than one family member stricken with diabetes. It's like that old gag where the comic says, "at least it's not raining," and then a cloudburst erupts.


I'm heartened when those very families tell me stories of meeting and overcoming their (multiple!) challenges. No matter how much gets thrown at them, silver linings eventually appear.

In the latest JDRF Annual Report, they feature our family because of our multi-generational T1D connection. Marinda has had type 1 diabetes strike both her maternal and paternal sides of her family tree. It's not something we're happy to be famous for - but I hope we can be a good example of how you can still have full lives, despite the disease.

The lesson we'd  like everyone to learn: that you can and need to take action so future generations don't suffer the same fate.

You can check out the JDRF article here:

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