Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Silver Lining

Whether you have diabetes or are touched by a loved one with the disease, we all belong to the T1D club. We didn't ask to join. We'd gladly give up our membership and secret decoder ring - without any hesitation.

However, there are benefits to being part of a club. There are others out there who care, understand and support you.

Dick Allen, is the new Chairman of JDRF's International Board of Directors, and I'm proud to call him my friend. In his most recent "Message from the Chairman," he had the following to say about JDRF and our T1D community. I'm glad he's in our clubhouse.

 Like all of you, I am a volunteer. I came to JDRF 11-plus years ago when one of my four grandchildren was diagnosed with T1D. And while I didn’t want to join this club any more than any of you did, I have come to realize that there is at least one silver lining that comes as part of it. Of course, I am not even remotely glad that my granddaughter Hannah has T1D—I wish with all my heart that she didn’t. But that said, I must say that I find great satisfaction in the fact that as a direct result of that unfortunate diagnosis, I have met some of the most extraordinary, caring, dedicated, passionate, and generous people I have ever known. And they have enriched my life. So, just as I do not want to let my granddaughter down, I don’t want to let any of you down either.

Thank you Dick for pointing out the silver lining. Over the many years our family has faced Type 1 Diabetes, I am ever thankful for the supportive friends and "club members" we have met along the way. You have enriched my life as well.

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