Monday, July 23, 2012

Lab Rats

Shortly after Marinda was diagnosed with T1D, she sought out researchers who were studying diabetes. She ended up participating in a phase 2 clinical for 3 years. It was a pretty large time commitment and involved a few in-hospital stays. We strongly believe in research, and taking part in a study like this helps us understand how to end diabetes. Marinda thought it was worth it. And it was her choice to make. In all the years that our daughter has had the disease we never put her through this kind of rigmerole.

Until now.

The difference is that Cassie is old enough to make the decision herself and is aware of what is involved. It's her choice, and it's a relatively safe type of study.

So...Cassie and Marinda have just met with a researcher and will undergo a very stringent diet to see its effects on basal insulin needs. Hopefully we all learn something.

Bonus Link: If you're interested in being a T1D Lab Rat:

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