Sunday, June 17, 2012

A thought for Father's Day, 2012

These sisters are more alike than different. Dad loves both.
Here's a toast (raising virtual beer glass) to all the dads out there. Especially to the ones who father children who deal with diabetes. Notice I didn't say "kids WITH diabetes." I also want to include the dads who take the extra time and care to nourish the children who have a sibling with the disease. The siblings also deal with diabetes.

Although our older daughter Miller doesn't have to continually prick her finger or inject insulin, she has grown up most of her life with type 1 diabetes ...because her kid sister had to. She learned early on that life was unfair. She had to be patient and wait for what she wanted (or needed) if her little sister Cassie needed a snack or a bolus. Cassie's cries always may have seemed more important to us, even though there were always two kids around. Unfair.

Being a good Daddybetic means making equal time for the kids in your brood who HAVE and DON"T HAVE diabetes. Although you may run out of insulin or test strips from time to time, it's important to show that you never run out of love for any of your kids.


Moira said...

So true ! Happy Fathers Day.

Mike Hoskins said...

Happy Father's Day! I live how you described that, living with diabetes rather than a CWD. Nicely put. Hope the day's been a great one for you and the family!

Zach37082 said...

So true my friend. I have always said that the non-D kids have to mature too fast.