Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Problem with Future Tech

There's a  problem with knowing. I know that Continuous Glucose Monitors (CGM) are getting better and smaller in the coming months. I know that smarter, sleeker pumps are getting ready to hit the market. I know that my medical insurance only allows me to get a new device every few years.

Most importantly, I  know that I want to get the best possible diabetes tools for my daughter.

Writing this blog, staying up to date with diabetes news, and meeting with researchers and pharma execs give me lots of insight into future tech. But now I find myself knowing too much.

As the best tech keeps getting better, my wife and I find ourselves paralyzed to make a decision about buying a new pump for Cassie NOW. For example, Tandem's T-Slim has a slick iPhone-like interface that looks superior to anything out currently available in the marketplace. But it's not even in the marketplace yet. And Medtronic keeps getting tighter integration between their latest pumps and CGMs. With so many cool things on the horizon, we get anxiety about committing to the wrong technology.

And if we wait... we don't embrace anything better than what we have today.

Sometimes too much consumer research gets in the way. Maybe the right question to ask is, "If we get this widget today, will Cassie's HbA1c be better tomorrow?" 


Michael Hoskins said...

I completely agree. Too much information can put us on overload, making it so that even the best doesn't work the way it should. I've seen a good number of changes during my 28 years of D-Living, and one thing I've come to realize that even the coolest and slickest gadgets don't replace my desire to manage well. It's not the device, it's the person - something my Endo reminds me of whenever I talk about new CGMs or switching pumps. That does good to ground me and help me see what I need to focus on.

Gina Capone said...


I completely understand how you feel and I would have to agree with Michael that you can have all of the right tools at your fingertips but, you have to be willing to use it and all of the information it supplies. I wanted to switch pumps this year and when my CDE asked me why the only thing I came up with was that it was new and seemed better.

We live in a technology age that moves very quickly and of course we want the latest and greatest but, there is a double edged sword and you don't really know if it is the best until you start using it on a daily basis. We are all beta-testers in this thing called life. We need to take one day at a time and not let all of this stuff consume us because it can make you go mad!!