Monday, February 20, 2012

Twitter to the Rescue

I love the Internet. It's been invaluable to me for researching diabetes matters. As we begin the process of shopping for a new insulin pump, I immediately turned to the web. Online, I could easily surf and scan manufacturer's websites and read customer reviews.

Like most people though, I tend to trust the opinion of people I know rather than take the word of a stranger. Social networking lets me lob questions like this to people I know and trust. I've been able to get great feedback from my friends at Juvenation, Facebook and Twitter.

Last week I publicly posted my pump question on Twitter. Almost instantly, I got a gem of an idea from one of my twitter followers, @jenjanofsky.

Here's what she suggested: contact your manufacturer reps. This way you can get a one on one, personalized pitch from someone who has in depth knowledge of what their pump could do.

Thanks Twitterverse!

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