Monday, February 06, 2012

Hate is a Side Effect

On juvenation Abigail told the world that she's sick of diabetes. Her exact words were:

I HATE DIABETES!!! im tierd(sp) of my shots and i freak out when i see that shot and every time i have to get the shot i say i hate my life !

Abigail is seven years old. She was diagnosed last November.

After dealing with T1D for over 15 years (since Cassie's diagnosis), I can honestly say that I am sick of diabetes too. I Hate it with a capital H.

Unfortunately, hating it doesn't make it go away. Denying you have it just leads to bad glucose control and potential health complications down the road.

It's useless to want to be just like everyone else. Chuck Eichten who has had diabetes for over 30 years may have described this feeling the best. In his new book, The Book of Better: Life with Diabetes Can't Be Perfect. Make It Better, Chuck likened having diabetes to being freakishly good looking. Even on a day when you don't feel so attractive, or don't want any attention, people still stop and stare in awe at your gorgeous-ness. You just can't get away from people wanting to be near you, and they can't help but point and scream OMIGOD about your extraordinary good looks. It's your burden. You've got to accept it and face it. Wanting it gone or hating it doesn't do anything productive.

Although it's already February, when diabetes is concerned, it's never too late to work on those New Year's Resolutions. You can either resolve to let Hate lead to denial, or you can resolve to have Hate push you to not let diabetes win.

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