Thursday, February 23, 2012

Doctor's Note

CC-2012  Photo by The Doctr
The next time you meet with your child's endocrinologist you may want to remember to ask her for a note. Here are three reasons that have recently made it necessary for our teen:

1.) DMV- Having a chronic illness makes you jump through a few extra hoops at the Division of Motor Vehicles. In order to get a driver's license or permit, many states require a doctor's note indicating that the applicant is in good health. Some states have specific forms that you need filled out, and the doctor's signature is required.

2.) TSA- Although it's not mandatory, we've found it helpful to have a doctor's note for the airport security personnel. You should separate out your insulin and diabetes supplies for quick inspection and explanation. More and more Transport Security  Administration (TSA) agents are learning what insulin pumps look like, but Amy over at DiabetesMine gives a great overview of what you can do to make traveling with diabetes easier.

3.) SAT- It's hard to concentrate or even see clearly when your blood sugar is overly low or overly high. The stress of taking the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) is just one more factor that can make a teenager with diabetes have crazy blood sugar levels. Fortunately, you can arrange for your child to take an untimed test so that she can check and treat her diabetes. It doesn't mean you get easier questions, but it levels out the playing field. A doctor's note is needed to get this special dispensation though.


Meri said...

Thanks for the info! I didn't know that about the SAT.

pat mcfeeley said...

This is great information. I did not know about the SAT either. Thanks Red.