Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Crowdsourcing Cures

I have a lot of faith in the diabetes community to be able to drive cures and better therapies. In fact I wrote a guest piece for fellow blogger Amy Tenderich at Diabetesmine about crowdsourcing a cure.

Smart pharmas like Sanofi are embracing this concept. Although the company does good business making drugs like Apidra and Lantus today, they realize that the diabetes community can be a great source of input and ideas for the next generation of diabetes treatments and tools for tomorrow.

Sanofi is now running an innovation challenge to healthcare providers, patients, IT professionals, students and organizations interested in combining data and design to create a human-centered and data-inspired innovation around diabetes. They've put their money where their mouth is, and are putting up a $100,000 grand prize to some undiscovered innovator(s) who can help people with diabetes (and those of us who love and care for them).

But the first step is to hear from US, the online diabetes community, to determine what type of innovation is most important for patients. Sanofi understands the power of listening to the people who use their pharmaceuticals. Now's your chance to tell them what you need.

Here's the link to the diabetes innovation challenge ( . Hurry! You only have until this Sunday to be heard.

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