Friday, December 09, 2011

Twitter Update

I've changed my @rpmax twitter handle to @daddybetes. Makes sense, no?

When I opened up a twitter account, I figured I would tweet like most people. I imagined passing along juicy news about Ashton and Demi, giving the world updates on my cat's hairballs and letting everyone know if I'm at a Starbucks near you.

Well, that's not what happened.

I don't have a cat. I rarely go to Starbucks (because I prefer indy coffee shops). And I don't really care about Ashton and Demi's private business.

What I DO care about is diabetes. News about promising research. Roadblocks from Washington. Stories of heroes in the diabetes online community (DOC). So what happened is that diabetes took over my twitter feed just as it had taken over my daughter's pancreas.

So I'm not fighting it. And it made sense to change the twitter account to coincide with my blog name. Thanks for following me.

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Haaspitality said...

Thank YOU for being so worthy to follow!