Wednesday, April 06, 2011


OMG. All teens live to text, and type-1 teens are no exception to the rule. My friends Pat and Shauna routinely text their daughter with diabetes - "TNT" - shorthand for test and text me (your number).

In a recent edition of COUNTDOWN, Dr. William Tamborlane, M.D.,from the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation wrote impassioned and funny advice for teenagers like my daughter Cassie. His best point reminded me of Nike's slogan, "Just Do it:"

"If you use a pump—TTFB. Take the Freakin’ Bolus! That’s our motto and we have it emblazoned all over the new pump skin we provide our patients. Nothing is more important for managing your glucose levels with a pump or multiple daily injections."

It makes sense.

If you bought your teenager a Lamborghini, you could safely bet that she'd never keep it just sitting parked in the garage. She'd drive it until the wheels came off.

Why not the same thing with an insulin pump? It's an expensive and intricate piece of technology that kids with diabetes get to sport on their hip.

So listen up teens with T1: If you got it, USE it.

TTFB may be my new favorite thing to text my daughter!!

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Kris said...

Love that! My T1 daughter is not a teen yet (she'll be 11 in 2 weeks), but she does text with the best of 'em. This may be a great idea! lol