Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Try Before You Buy

Several years ago we were curious about the Omnipod as a replacement for Cassie's insulin pump. An all-in-one pump and infusion set that sticks to your body was a pretty compelling proposition- no more cords to worry about.

But making a switch requires a big financial gamble. Pumps are expensive and our insurance will allow us a new system only once every 4 years. That's a pretty big commitment. Thankfully the Insulet Corporation, who makes Omnipod had a free demo kit to try it out. We ended up not choosing the device (it felt too big* for little Cassie's arm, but the demo experience was invaluable.

I learned this week that Integrated Diabetes Services is now offering the same kind of trial service for continuous glucose monitors (CGMs). It's not free, but I feel it's cheaper than committing to a new piece of technology based solely on a corporate sales pitch. It's also neat that you can compare; they offer the Dexcom, Navigator, or Medtronic - all the major players. It's a neat way to try before you buy.

* Insulet previewed its new smaller omnipod at the recent 2011 JP Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco. It's expected to be available to the public around 2012, pending FDA approval.

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sweetmystery6 said...

that's really cool that they're letting people try the cgms. i wonder how much it costs