Tuesday, February 08, 2011

10 Reasons

Monday was a blue Monday. Cassie had run high all night and all day. Her blood glucose target is 80-90 mg/dl and it hovered around 300 mg/dl for over 24 hours -- three times what it is for someone with a working pancreas. At one point her blood sugar was so high that the glucose meter reported the dreaded "HI" reading which means her bg level was higher than the machine could register.

After more than a decade of managing diabetes, I can easily attribute the causes for a high blood sugar to any of the following:

1. Administered wrong amount of insulin after a meal or snack
2. The insulin is bad (may be old, been in heat, bad batch)
3. No reason
4. The pump site needs changing
5. Diabetes has decided to throw everyone a curve
6. The meter or strips are faulty
7. Hormones (growth spurt or menses, for example)
8. Emotional stress
9. Sickness (coming down with a cold or toothache)
10. It's a mystery

The causes for a low blood sugar - same. You'll notice that more than half of the list is out of your control. Sigh.

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