Monday, January 31, 2011


Along with most adolescent (minded) boys, I sit dazzled in technicolor awe as a bumble bee yellow Camaro transforms into a gigantic robot on the movie screen. Alien robots are cool. They can smash humvees underfoot or fire a barrage of missiles to exact maximum collateral damage - high drama, in my view.


I've seen even more dramatic changes in real life because of diabetes.

I've met stay-at-home moms, scared of public speaking transform into the most passionate leaders for diabetes advocacy. One has led committees filled with CEOs and industry titans and another has delivered riveting testimony on Capitol Hill.

I've seen a 15 year old girl transform from someone just struggling to get by managing her own diabetes into a web-fundraising wunderkind.

I've seen a dynamic young woman transform her budding writing talent and experiences with type-1 diabetes into one of the most followed blogs on the internet.

I've seen my little baby girl transform into a healthy, active teenager -- thanks to continual improvements in diabetes care and treatment.

Having an insulin pump or continuous blood glucose monitor attached on you technically makes you a cyborg-- not as cool as an alien robot. But in my view it's actually cooler.

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