Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I had the unexpected pleasure of having breakfast with Terrance Gregg at the Partnering for Cures Conference in New York. Terry is a a bull of a man, with a clean shaven head and a quiet confidence about him that would make you suspect that he's a Marine drill sergeant- just the kind of guy you'd want to have at your side fighting for better diabetes treatments.

The bulk of Terry's professional career has centered on diabetes. In the mid to late 90's he served as the President of Minimed and shepherded the company through its acquisition by Medtronic. He had also served as a Chairman at the American Diabetes Association. Terry retired knowing that he had fought the good fight and helped set the course for better insulin pumps for kids with diabetes lke my daughter Cassie. But that wasn't enough.

Three years ago, Mr. Gregg came out of retirement to lead Dexcom as its CEO. He told me that even after 17 years of hard work, he felt compelled to press on. 17 years. Many battles had been hard fought and won, but the war was still not over. After 17 years, I could still see an unmistakable glint of passion in his eyes as he talked about Dexcom's role in the artificial pancreas project (APP).

Better therapeutics take constant pushing. Finding a cure takes tremendous stamina. Sometimes when I'm feeling lost at sea, I know I can draw upon Terry Gregg's example to never give up. Just having hope isn't enough. Getting a cure will take hard work and stamina.

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