Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Look Both Ways

Yesterday was a big day for Cassie.

She had gone through driver's ed, studied the Driver's Handbook and promptly arrived as soon as the DMV office opened to take her written test. She passed with flying colors. Cassie now holds a learner's permit to practice her budding NASCAR skills (as long as mom or dad ride shotgun along with her).

This morning she drove me to work. It's funny how I found my right foot instinctively jabbing into the passenger side floorboard as she weaved through traffic. I have an inkling that my right quad will be huge by the time she gets her full license in a year.

Diabetes is not a good co-pilot. Aside from the usual paperwork, we needed to get a signed note from her doctor that indicated that she was in good diabetes control and was physically fit to get behind the wheel.

Plus there are cardinal Maxwell road rules for the next 12 months:
1.) No Cell phone while driving
2.) No Radio while driving (unless we control it)
3.) ALWAYS ALWAYS check blood sugar before driving

...because we want to make sure Cassie's in the driver's seat - not diabetes.


Moira McCarthy said...

OMg doesn't it feel like those telephone poles and trees are awfully close to the passenger side when you're riding shotgun with your permit toting daughter? BEEN THERE! Hugs to all!

Pass the DPS written test said...

When it comes to driving, the driver's existing health conditions are always taken into consideration. This is for the own driver's safety as well as the passengers. Approval from a physician is needed from time to time as, in Cassie's case, diabetes, sometimes can go out of control.