Tuesday, November 09, 2010

You're Stronger than You Think

I hung up my phone yesterday with a heavy heart. I had just spoken to Allan, a dear friend who was on his way to the emergency room to be with his young daughter. She had JUST been diagnosed with type-1 diabetes, and he was still in the process of wrapping his brain around what the diagnosis meant.

Allan told me that he was somewhat relieved to at least KNOW what was causing his little girl's ailments. There's a tremendous amount of anxiety from just not knowing. His positive attitude and desire to move through the diagnosis gave me a glimpse of the strength that he has as a dad. At least they could now begin treatment.

Unfortunately until there's a cure, there is no end to the treatment they're about to begin. It's a long, long tunnel and there's no certainty that there's a light at the end. I feel this anxiety sharply even today, and I hope I can help Allan navigate through the realization of the coming challenges ahead.

There will always be new fears and trials with this dreaded disease. - and the demons of doubt and worry can be overwhelming.

To now be in in the unfortunate fraternity of men with daddybetes, he's going to need to be strong in a different way. It's a path of discovery that will take different dimensions of courage and dedication. I had no idea what I'd need to do when Cassie was first diagnosed. In time, I learned that there were untapped reserves of strength that I didn't know existed in me. And I want him to know that the strength is there within him too. He'll get it straight from his little girl.

Sidebar: Today, Nov. 9, is annual Diabetes Blog Day, started by Gina Capone, who is our community manager at juvenation.org. It's been going since 2005. This year's topic was 6 things you want people to know about diabetes. I cheated the topic a little. I think the ONE most important thing parents taking care of a child with diabetes need to know is the lesson above: you're stronger than you think.

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