Thursday, October 07, 2010

Hey Abbott!

Many posts ago, I wrote about us getting the Abbott Freestyle Lite glucometer. By incorporating a tiny LED flashlight into the tip, it's as if they read my mind about night time blood sugar checks. It's obvious they had customer feedback that they shared with the device designers. They listened.

Well I was so pleased earlier this month to unpack the newly re-designed strips. They're tapered at one end which makes it easier to feel which end goes into the meter and which end doesn't. Abbott didn't stop improving the experience for their customers. They listened more.

What's amazing is that no other glucose metering manufacturer seems to pay attention to the end consumer as well the Freestyle team. Perhaps they only listen to medical professionals who check blood sugars in well lit clinics. They should take their lead from the guys at Abbott.

Hey Bayer, Accucheck, Medisense!! Are YOU listening?


Anonymous said...

I agree that Abbott is the best at continuing to make improvements to these porducts. Now I just need to convince United Healthcare that they should pay for them and not dictate that we purchase another test strip.

Pat McFeeley
Charlotte, NC

Bill VanValkenburgh said...

Hi Red, the new strips with the new curved end are great. They seem to work faster and require a smaller sample.

I have a seven year old identical twin boy with Type 1 diabetes - diagnosed at 3 years old.

I was wondering why they have you on such a tight target range 85-110. That seems pretty tight to me. We are using 80-130. But I have to wonder what that target range means. As far as I can tell, staying within the target range post-prandial is almost impossible. Is that the target 2 hours after insulin dosage for the meal?

Bill VanValkenburgh
billvanvalk at