Wednesday, August 04, 2010

True Friends

For a parent who deals with diabetes, true friends are easy to recognize.

They're the ones that are there for you as you grapple with the devastating news.
They're the ones that try to learn as much about the disease as you do.
They're the ones that generously give to your walk team year after year.
They're the ones that volunteer to take your child with diabetes for a sleep over.

Last week, our friend Margaret invited Cassie to spend the week (!) with her family in Chicago- which is a far piece from North Carolina. She diligently helped to monitor Cassie's blood sugars and accommodated her demanding gluten free diet (because of celiac disease). I am ever awed that anyone would be willing to voluntarily take on this kind of worry and responsibility. It's a heavy burden and true friends not only understand this, they want to share it with you. But I guess that's what separates true friends from the rest.

Note from Marinda: I "second" Red's blog post (which I am always hesitant to do as his wife, but could not resist on this one!!). As Cassie's mom, I am forever grateful to Margaret for the effort that she has always given to truly caring for Cassie. Margaret has given a gift to Red and I, knowing Cassie is safe while she is away from us. But, the biggest gift is to Cassie. For allowing her to feel somewhat "normal" at 14 and for the confidence that she has gained along the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I love you! Marinda

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Margaret said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! But the truth of the matter is that you two have taught Cassie to care for herself so well that there wasn't much for me to do. (except for the constant monitoring of her (and Anna's) driving practice!! Yikes!) Seriously, Cassie exudes such calm confidence that it makes it easy to accommodate her diabetes and celiac requirements. I know that it can't be easy for her, but she surely makes it easy for us. I am so thankful to have you as friends and confidants as the girls head to high school. love, Margaret