Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I am not a Cyborg

Technology today is awesome. We have things like insulin pumps and continuous blood glucose monitors (CGM) that can help regulate diabetes control. On juvenation today, Roger was incredibly frustrated with his daughter's refusal to go on a CGM. How could she possibly pass up the chance for better A1C numbers? There may be factors that are affecting his daughter's decision to opt out of the CGM that have nothing to do with achieving tight control.

For instance ... my 14 year old hates having to wrangle pump placement so that she doesn't have an unseemly bulge under her dress. Also, tubing and hardware get in the way of physical activities like swimming or sports. That's why we switch to shots during the summer.

Having all the gizmos hanging off your body "mark" you as a freak to anyone who doesn't understand T1.

Having all those gadgets can also make you obsessive about your diabetes.

As a dad, I'm always amazed at how alien a teenage girl's way of thinking is from my way of thinking. Their logic flows at a totally different frequency. For them, maintaining good blood sugar control is only part of the equation. Maintaining a healthy body image is another. Since she has to live with all the many, many teen girl issues, I think I'd better yield to her greater judgment on this one.

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Michael Hoskins said...

Great points raised here. Even as a boy growing up with diabetes, I had those same issues as your daughter and every Child With Diabetes has. We all just want to be "normal," or like our friends and those we're trying to fit in with. That changes somewhat as one ages, of course, but even now as an Adult Type 1 there are those same issues to an extent. You aren't as concerned about what others think, but at times you do simply not want to be connected to another device.