Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Ray Allen's Father's Day Gift

Cassie and I are unabashed Ray Allen fans. Having grown up outside of Boston, I couldn't help but cheer for the Red Sox, Celtics, Bruins and Patriots. And although my daughter was raised here in North Carolina, Cassie has inherited my love for the Boston sports teams. The 2010 NBA championship match up against the Celtics and Lakers is a battle royale - a classic sports rivalry. It's easy to guess which team we're rooting for at the Maxwell house.

Ray Allen is a starting guard for the Celtics and has a son with Type-1 diabetes. Amid the hoopla of the NBA Finals, Ray is doing something meaningful for diabetes research. He's designed a charity T-shirt and is taking part in a JDRF Father's Day Contest. The grand prize- the winning Dad gets a trip to meet Ray Allen himself in Lake Tahoe next month. Also, JDRF is giving away one of Ray's T-shirts to one random participant from now through Father's Day on facebook. The link to the contest is http://apps.facebook.com/jdrf-honorsdads/.

Now most dads expect to get a gift on Father's Day. Ray is an amazing exception in that he's a dad who's taking the opportunity to give a gift instead. Even in the middle of a championship series or a holiday that's supposed to give him a break, Ray doesn't let his daddybetes duties rest. It's one more reason to cheer on the Celtics.

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