Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Seems just like yesterday

One of the roles of being a dad to a diabetic child is being the husband to the mother of a diabetic child. I can't stress enough how important the husband wife partnership is to maintaining good blood sugar control, and more importantly, a sane mind.

When Cassie was first diagnosed with type-1 diabetes as a 1 year old baby, the news to us was devastating. My wife Marinda and I each had to deal with the death of our child's perfect health. The grieving however was not only personal - it was shared. There were waves of anger, guilt and despair. There were times where there was very little patience with each other. It's hard to be completely supportive when you have your own pain to process.

I know of many marriages that have been torn apart by the diagnosis. My wife and I were lucky to have diabetes become a catalyst to forge a stronger relationship - unified in a fight against this disease. I'll confess that my wife has done most of the heavy lifting over the years. She's very meticulous and wants to have her hand on the wheel. Sometimes it's hard to know when exactly she may need me take over- especially when SHE doesn't know when she wants to hand over control. The important thing for a husband/dad to do is to be there through all the confusion.

Today we're taking a little time to celebrate a day day twenty years ago when we tied the knot. I don't think we could have gone through all this without each other to lean on- to share the ups, the downs and the love. Happy Anniversary Marinda.

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Zach37082 said...

Good post. Marinda, wanting to be in charge? Really?