Friday, May 21, 2010

Daughter Doppelganger

Sometimes it's hard to understand your teen. OK- let's be honest- LOTS of times it's hard to understand your teen. If you're like me, when you were a teenager you vowed to yourself that you'd be SO much more understanding than your own parents once you had kids. Who knew?

As the hormones hit, both my teen daughters have shut me off. It's hard to have the same kind of daddy-daughter closeness as we once did. It's made it harder for me to understand all they're going through and everything that consumes their thoughts. I know Cassie's diabetes is a constant struggle for her, and though she may not tell me certain things to my face, I think I can get a glimpse of what she MAY be feeling by reading some of the posts from other young women like her on the juvenation discussions.

Here's a sample from 12-year old Shannon that makes my point:

"...Ive realized that yes im differant and i cnt have candy that the teachers hand out but i will kno myself inside and out. I dont know about you but i think its kinda kewl that we can have syptoms and we can feel what happens and we know more than the regular people. They dont know about diabetes. We do. Anyone i tell that i have diabetes they dont get it. They say ok whats that? Well to me it gets annoying! But i dont see a bright side to having diabetes but dont make it something that you completely hate. Otherwise its like hating yourself. There is NO GOOD REASON to EVER EVER EVER hate yourself. Make the best of life no matter you have one friend or 30 million. Embrace yourself and show off that you have diabetes."

Though her spelling by texting cracks me up, it reveals that for some, diabetes may act as a crucible that tempers our kids to be stronger and more self aware. Shannon was reaching out to a 20 year old who was having a hard time. I think that our kids with diabetes may be more wise than we think. They may just not share it directly with us.

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