Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Award Winner

Juvenation just won an award. We got the bronze Dosie- and have been recognized as one of the best medical social communities on the planet. Last week, Kevin Kruse from KRU Research described juvenation as "one of the most active communities I've ever seen." This is high praise. Kevin is a world-wide authority on e-patient interactions and social media. With over 10,000 members and tens of thousands more exploring the site everyday, our little site is not so little anymore. And not such a secret.

Here are several powerful anecdotes that come out of juvenation: One post I remember vividly was from a parent who was frantically researching about diabetes IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM as her child was diagnosed just minutes before with type-1. The community immediately rallied to share parental advice and emotional support. At least two other times the juvenation community and JDRF volunteers rushed to avert the suicide attempts of terribly depressed teens whose diabetes had driven them to the brink. One member,Sarah, shared an epiphany story that has led to her more diligent diabetes care after years of neglect. Another young woman boldly stated that she credits juvenation for lowering her A1Cs and getting her in better control.

Positive reinforcement and sound advice from the front lines work.

I feel pride with the accomplishment of public recognition with the Dosie Award. But more importantly, I am awed by the generosity, compassion and love that my new friends on juvenation exhibit daily. I may have started the ball rolling, but it's the members who deserve all the credit. Hats off to the juvenation community.

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