Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sleepover Perfect

Snowflakes visited the Carolinas Friday night and our entire neighborhood was beset with giddy childhood wonder at the sight. Plans were quickly made for sledding and snowman building and all the kids were planning sleepovers. It's fun to hunker down at a slumber party during a white out, and this is something we didn't want to rob Cassie of because of her diabetes.

Friday night was easy. We had two of her friends spend the night at a sleepover at our house. We could still do a late night blood sugar check and keep an eye on what she was eating. Saturday was a different story. She was "camping out" at a friend's living room with another gaggle of girlfriends. There was no way to guarantee the same kind of precise diabetes control when she wasn't under our own roof.

The desire to have "perfect" blood sugars is a strong one. But sometimes, as parents of children with diabetes, we have to redefine "perfect" and "acceptable." It's the only way to get good balance between emotional and physical health, and the only way to keep from spoiling the magic of a snow day.

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