Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Late Night Check

It's 1:44 A.M. and I'm checking Cassie's blood sugar again in the middle of the night as I have more than a thousand times before. It's been a long day for me and it's hard to get up yet again. I should be tired, but what's at stake is worth it. I could never tire of her smile. I could never tire of her hugs.

Am I tired? No, not at all.

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paula fairchild said...

what a beautiful post. As a mom to a child with t1, I completely understand. The times I have been so exhausted that I have snoozes a little past the 2am check, I have awakened in a panic, and rushed to her side to check... many times I've found that she is trending down, or already very low... I hate that our children have diabetes, but I am thankful there are parent such as yourself that post the real-world thoughts and emotions connected to it.. it gives me hope, encouragement, and a sense of knowing that somewhere out there, there are others who understand.