Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Fighting for CGM

My friend's daughter, Taylor just got a Dexcomm CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor) for Christmas. It's weird to have something like that on Santa's list, but can you imagine what the real gift is? Taylor's overly pin pricked fingertips can take a rest; her subsequent hemoglobin A1C's will drop; her parents get an early warning alert if her blood sugars start to crash. She's happy as a lark.

Unfortunately, her parents' pocketbook suffered.

Even now, many insurance companies don't cover the CGM under their plans. The insurance companies don't have the patient's long term health in mind. They figure you'll switch carriers before they get the benefits of not having to pay for vascular damage or amputation which happen years down the road of bad control. Their short sightedness is your enemy. Badger them. Hound them. Get your doctor to pester them too. It works. Some of the community members at juvenation have come out victorious in this battle. It's worth the fight.

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