Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Clock

When will there be a cure? This question is usually the first one that pops up right after diagnosis. Actually the question keeps arising. After every doctor's visit. After every fund raiser. After every major research announcement.

When will there be a cure?

Trying to answer this question is a trap for counselors and health care providers. There's been a lot of advancement in therapeutics (stuff that makes the day to day treatment of diabetes better) as well as advancement in our basic understanding of how diabetes starts and works. This promising progress leads to crystal ball proclamations like- "we'll have a cure in 10 years," or "you won't have to worry about this by the time your daughter's a teenager." The intent is to inject hope, but putting a date on things can mislead and cause serious disappointment. Decades later, initial hope fades into bitterness or disillusionment.

The right questions to ask are:
"How can we get a cure faster?"
"What progress are we making towards a cure?"
"What can we do in the meantime to stay healthy?"

We can and will get a cure. Exactly when is a mystery. My guess is that it will happen at 10:47 a.m. I'm not committing to the date.

It's a waste of energy to speculate when. We should just push to make sure we're making forward progress towards finding a cure.

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