Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Time for the Diabetes Devil

Sometimes during a nasty high or low blood sugar event, the diabetes devil comes out. The diabetes devil is not the sweet child who so often makes her mother and I beam with pride or hold our sides laughing at her antics. No. She is a fearsome, willful and irrational being who has no respect for authority or acceptable behavior.

After dealing with the diabetes mood swings for more than ten years with our daughter, I think the best advice is to remember during these episodes is that you are dealing the diabetes devil - and not your pride and joy (who would act totally differently in a normal blood sugar state). It's tricky business to teach respectful or appropriate behavior during these times of "UN-control," but it's something you should definitely do.

So trying to argue or correct bad behavior during a low or high isn't very productive. In fact it sometimes leads to even more emotional pain on both sides. Nasty words get spoken. Voices get raised. It's better to discuss the bad behavior rationally, after the high or low. And don't let it slide- nobody in the outside world is going to cut your child any slack for her diabetes, and you need to help her be aware of herself. Just pick the right time to do it.

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