Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Big Blue Test

You're invited to a diabetes "test-in!" All you have to remember is the number 14.

Why 14? November 14th is World Diabetes Day. On that day, at 14:00 hours (2 pm, local time), thousands of people with diabetes will test their blood sugar, do 14 minutes of exercise, test again and share their results online. This is going to be called The Big Blue Test.

What the Big Blue Test is all about: The event was created to help raise diabetes, awareness, the importance of exercise in diabetes management, and to help connect people with each other in an exciting, virtual way. It's organized by Manny Hernandez and the folks at TuDiabetes.

“People with diabetes have to test their blood sugar routinely. It can be a very lonely activity.” said Manny, co-founder of TuDiabetes and a person with diabetes himself. “We want people to take The Big Blue Test, to shed light on this chronic condition and the importance of exercise on World Diabetes Day.”

Here's how you can take part on November 14th:

1. Test your blood sugar.
2. Run, jog, walk the dog or do anything you’d normally do as part of your exercise routine for 14 minutes.
3. Test your blood sugar again.
4. Go to http://bigbluetest.org (or your preferred diabetes social network*) and post your readings and what physical activity you did. If you have a camera, you can also add a photo of your reading(s) or you exercising.
5. If you have a Twitter account, you can also post your readings on Twitter (use the #bigbluetest hashtag) and link back to http://bigbluetest.org.

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