Monday, October 05, 2009

The Amazing Moira

Type-1 diabetes can be overwhelming. The day to day burden and worries can leave a parent and diabetic child absolutely exhausted, demoralized and dejected. Yet we urge our kids to not let the disease be an obstacle to their dreams. Do you follow your own words of wisdom? It's hard to give this advice if you don't take it yourself.

Last week I attended JDRF committee meetings in NYC. One of my fellow volunteers is the extraordinary Moira McCarthy Stanford - one of the organization's most prized assets and advocates. She is one person who doesn't let diabetes stand in her way. In fact, she uses it to fuel her life and give it purpose.

Before the meeting I got her official bio and was amazed by everything she's done, and continues to do, to help find a cure for diabetes. Here's a snippet from that bio, which should inspire us to do more and shows us what's possible:

Moira is the mother of Lauren, 18 diagnosed 12 years ago this month. She has served as New England Chapter President, as Chairmom of Children's Congress 2005, National Chair of Grass Roots Advocacy, Volunteer of the Year in 2007 and currently as national Outreach Chair. She works as a contributing editor for SKI Magazine and as winter sports editor of the Boston Herald. She formerly worked for the New York Times. She is the author of five books. She lives in Plymouth, MA with her husband Sean Stanford and Lauren. Her older daughter Leigh is a recent Graduate of Fordham and works in NYC at Bloomberg. Lauren was a speaker at the 2008 Democratic National Convention and at the private memorial service for Senator Ted Kennedy. Her friendship with him began as a result of her advocacy for JDRF.

Moira's an example for us all. What will go on your bio?

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