Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Smoking Gun

What should you do when you find the tell tale signs of carb cheating? Maybe it's a candy bar wrapper in the purse, an empty potato chip bag in the trash or even sticky sweet fingertips and a chocolate mustache.

Sometimes the right answer is to just shut up a little.

It's too easy to put the judgment hat on and make your kid feel guilty for having an occasional treat even when her blood sugar is already high. Kids are impulsive, and if you try to smother that too much, then you're not allowing them to have a childhood. They learn from their actions and they learn better through experience than by our lecturing.So sometimes you have to let them make their mistakes and deal with the consequences.

So instead on harping on what they should have done, focus on helping them correct it. We found that this has led to more honest and frank discussions (without emotional hand wringing)and a healthy attitude towards Cassie's own self-esteem.

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