Thursday, September 03, 2009

Hot & Low

On Juvenation today, Kathy whose daughter was diagnosed last October (2008) wondered if any of the other parents online had something like the following happen:

"On Friday Casie was at school (it was lunch recess) the temp was 101 degrees, and very humid! She said all of a sudden her body went tingly and numb. Her friends were asking her what was wrong, and she said she felt funny. Luckily her friend knew that she was probably running low and forced her to eat something. Then she went to the school office, crying and real scared! When she calmed down enough to test she was 95 (but she had just eaten her lunch and should of been a lot higher) We had her drink some juice and her numbers came up. I was told that it was probably the heat and humidity that made this happen... So along with everything else we have to worry about, we also need to worry about the weather?"

Marinda and I also experienced a susceptibility to lower blood sugars when our daughter Cassie gets hot. Hot weather, hot tubs, hot showers. It doesn't happen all the time, but it's something we look out for after experiencing it time and again.

What causes this? This is what I suspect: when your body tries to cool itself at high temperatures, your blood vessels open a bit to increase blood flow. This in turn allows more blood to enter the capillaries and cool the blood by heat exchange at the skin surface (as your sweat evaporates). When that happens, your body can absorb the glucose in the blood stream more efficiently then BOOM your BG goes lower.

As long as you know there's a possibility of being in the heat, you can arm yourself with extra juice or jelly beans to be ready for a drop in blood sugar levels.

Here's the flip side...
We sometimes use this phenomena to our advantage when Cassie gets really high blood sugars. A nice, long, hot bath can help lower her (and get her squeaky clean too).

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