Monday, September 28, 2009

Big Sister, Big Heart

Diabetes affects every member of the family. It's important to be mindful of everyone's perspective and sacrifices.

This year my oldest daughter Miller wrote our family team letter for the upcoming JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes. Parts of the letter came from a personal memoir that she wrote about growing up with a little sister who has diabetes.

- It's scary to witness your baby sister crash from hypoglycemia.

- It's unfair for your sibling to get a disproportionate amount of parental attention.

- It's hard to ask others for help and raise money for diabetes research.

All these things make you feel so powerless - so vulnerable. It's been amazing to see how Miller has transformed this into an opportunity to show strength and selflessness.

You can read Miller's walk letter online on our JDRF registration page. Please come join our walk team if you can.

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Zach37082 said...

People often forget the impact that diabetes has on siblings. Way to go Miller! I'm sure Cassie appreciates it.