Thursday, August 13, 2009

Solo Micropump: Omnipod evolved

Omnipod took insulin pump technology to a different level when it created the all-in-one pump and infusion set several years ago. Medingo is rolling out a new product called the SOLO that introduces some really helpful improvements.

Here's what you can do with SOLO that Omnipod can't do:

1.) the micropump can be temporarily detached and reattached to the infusion site (great at the pool)

2.) boluses can be administered by pushing a button on the actual pump instead relying solely on the wireless hand held remote.

It's cool to see advances made here, and we're acutely aware of the importance of a small silhouette now that we've switched to shots to accommodate Cassie's active summer lifestyle. It's not available yet, but FDA approval seems imminent.

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