Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Sneaker Care

As JDRF walk seasons kick off around the country, you'll probably notice several stores and banks plastering those colorful paper sneakers all over their windows and cash registers.

In my neighborhood, the Advance Auto Parts store, Harris Teeter grocery store and Walgreens pharmacy shamelessly push their sale on behalf of the charity and turn in the money at the local Walk for a Cure fundraiser. These retailers collect $1 for each sneaker from generous donors and usually tape them up all around the store.

Looking at the huge jumble of colorful clutter always makes me choke up. It's an amazing sign of how much people in our community care about our loved ones who suffer with diabetes and their shared commitment to finding a cure.

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Zach37082 said...

It never hurts to thank these retailers. I was in another town & needed something at an auto-parts store & noticed an Advance right next to a Pep Boys. Nothing against Pep Boys, but I went into Advance purely because they support JDRF. I also told that to the Manager.