Monday, August 03, 2009

Manny's Mission: You aren't alone

Sometimes when I'm checking Cassie's blood sugar at 3 a.m., I feel alone in the struggle with diabetes. I know she feels alone when everyone at the dinner table is eating but she can't. I've met people online who have never met another person with diabetes face to face. It's a discouraging feeling and can make one feel really isolated.

My facebook friend Manny Hernandez has been on a one man mission to help alleviate this. In March 2007 he started an online diabetes community like juvenation at and followed up with a Spanish version at Through hard work and perseverance he hit a pretty significant milestone last week by reaching 10,000 members. That's 10,000 people that are connected. That's 10,000 people sharing experiences. That's 10,000 not alone fighting this disease.

Manny has successfully leveraged technology to help us come together. We should all do our part and join him (and 10,000+ others) to share our knowledge and support.

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