Friday, August 14, 2009

Diabetes Bigots

A couple weeks ago, my friend meme on the type 1 diabetes community was very upset.

She wanted to know why there was so much anger toward the type 2 people on the discussion boards. Meme has a daughter with type-1, but she also has a husband with type 2 diabetes.

The bias that Type 1s have against Type 2s, and vice versa, is really unfortunate. I think it comes from frustration by being lumped together with a dramatically different disease.

But it's kinda like being mad at cancer patients. It's unproductive, unrelated and ultimately hurtful.

The good news is that meme became vocal about it in the juvenation forums and has helped to bridge understanding.

Having dialogue, being open to learning more and educating those around you can help stem this kind (or any kind) of prejudice.

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