Monday, August 24, 2009

Cheat Sheet

Only a few more days before the first day of school, and it's time again to train a new batch of teachers about diabetes and the proper things to do to keep Cassie safe throughout the school day.

One trick that my wife Marinda dutifully uses is a printed sheet of what to do if Cassie's blood sugars are within a certain range. For example, if she's 50-80, she gets one juice; 80-130, no insulin correction; 130-180. 0.5 units of insulin, etc. She prints out this sheet and the teachers keep it in the room. It also has handy info like our phone numbers and my work cell number in case of emergency.

I highly suggest you laminate the sheet. It's easier to find and it keeps it from getting smudged and wrinkled. Most Kinko's can laminate your diabetes cheat sheet on the spot, while you wait.

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