Monday, August 31, 2009

Avoiding LAG

Our friend Gray just got the Omnipod all-in-one pump and was soooo psyched to get it. Gray's been on novolog insulin shots since his diagnosis 3 years ago, and this is his first experience with joining other insulin "pumpers." At first I wanted to tell him all about the new upcoming SOLO pump I blogged about (which for all practical purposes is the next generation Omnipod) but I held back.

The reason?

The Omnipod for Gray was huge step forward compared to his old way of diabetes management. If I had told him to send it back or hold out for another 12 months for the SOLO pump he'd miss out on 12 months of (potentially) tighter blood sugar control.

- Some other new technology will always be around the corner.
- NOW is always better than later.
- Waiting for the "Latest And Greatest (LAG)" is the wrong strategy for getting the best care for your diabetes.

A special that Omnipod just released last week for qualified/existing pumpers makes it even easier to "trade up" RIGHT NOW. They're offering a $299.99 starter kit at the Omnipod website.

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