Tuesday, July 28, 2009


This summer we're experimenting going pumpless. No bulky pump. No tangly line. No insertion needles that seem to pop out just at the absolute worst time. Like when you're at the pool, at the beach or just out running around. It seems like the right thing to do for summer activity and for a teenage girl that's suddenly quite fashion conscious.

As freeing as this is there are drawbacks.

We have to do more blood tests throughout the day, go through several shots per day, and learn how Cassie's body reacts to the long acting insulin, Lantus.

There were some unexpected upsides too. There's not a whole lot more diabetes supplies to carry around (now that Novapens exist). And Cassie has been very responsible with administering her own dosing and injections.

I have to say that for summer living, so far the advantages have really outweighed the disadvantages. All it takes is keeping the diligence to blood sugar control constant during the switch.

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