Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Looking for Clinical Trials?

When each member of my family was first diagnosed with diabetes, one of the first things I searched for on the web was for cutting edge therapies that may help reverse or delay the progression of the diabetes. Until now there was no one place to quickly and easily search for treatments undergoing human clinical trials. And if you did find a study, more often than not, it would be for males if you were a female or for geriatrics if you were searching for pediatrics. I'm happy to announce that JDRF has put something together that can help you find and understand research studies that may fit and match a SPECIFIC profile.

You can check it out online at

Here's what they say about it in their official announcement:
The on-line Clinical Trials Connection service is an online tool that provides information about and access to clinical trials – both JDRF-funded and others. Once you’ve registered on the site you can enter the type of trial you are interested in, how long you’ve had diabetes, and how far you’d be willing to travel, and the site will let you know about studies that match those characteristics. With Clinical Trials Connection, you can compare one trial with another, and get updates on new trials that might match your interest. In addition, it will provide you contact information for each trial sponsor and investigator.

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