Sunday, June 07, 2009

Canada's Diabetes Dream Team

On Friday, Sanford Health announced the formation of a research team to field clinical studies of a Type-1 diabetes therapy. The aim is to treat people with a cure that Canadian scientist Dr. Alexander Rabinovitch has used successfully on lab mice. Patients will take a combination of two prescription medications for a year, pills that Rabinovitch said work together to regrow insulin-producing beta cells.

The four scientists who make up the nucleus of this dream team are Da-Qing Yang, Paul Burn, Alexander Rabinovich,and Alexei Savinov. It's neat to see the international scientific community come together to help find a cure for diabetes. A little money helps to make it happen.

The project has been generously funded by a gift of $400 million from businessman T. Denny Sanford. In addition, Todd and Linda Broin of Sioux Falls donated $10 million last year to establish the position for the research director.

OK, maybe it was ALOT of money to make this group come together. Regardless, I'm glad to see it happen and hopeful they get positive results.

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