Sunday, June 14, 2009

Advice for Mom

My online friend Meme is a mom who has found herself in despair. On the site she asked, "Did you ever get a wake up call that made you take better control of diabetes. Or from day one, always stayed on course ?" She was questioning her will to fight, and Alayna another mom on this forum thread wished that she herself could be stronger. This is how I answered them:

We all get that "wake up call" upon diagnosis. Suddenly we have to be mindful of things we took for granted before. Then we get MORE wake up calls: The first really bad low. The blood sugar high you can't get down no matter what. The appearance of longer term complications. And despite all these wake up calls it's easy to lapse a few times since all we want is the normalcy that others without diabetes in their lives have.

How can **anyone** possibly stay on course from day 1?

1.) It's a crushing burden, and it's one that none of us asked for. But what you can do is keep fighting every day. Just do the best you can - because that's all you CAN do.

2.) Don't let the numbing fear of long term complications paralyze you from what you have to do every day. We all live with fear and panic on a daily basis, but I'll bet that you routinely exhibit a full measure of bravery to plow through those fears on a daily basis. Stay brave.

3.) It gets exhaustive, and it's easy to want to give up. Don't. Don't let diabetes win. You're stronger than that, and it's a marathon not a sprint. You'll have set backs but if you kep plodding along you'll be able to look back on the progress you've made despite this disease.

4.) Stay hopeful. Your bravery will pay off.

I wonder if you're asking how I can DARE to say these things to you (and anyone else reading this) with such certainty and without ever having met you face to face. It's easy. I have NEVER met anyone more brave, more determined or stronger than a mom who cares for a child with Type 1 diabetes. You moms inspire me, our kids and others through your arduous fight.

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