Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Juvenation is Jumpin'

The online type 1 diabetes community that I helped JDRF launch has made some great strides over its short foray on the web. is now the number 1 type 1 social network on the internet, serving parents, teens and adults with type-1 diabetes. Many have told me how helpful it is to have this forum to share information about insulin pumps, daily care and the emotional bruises brought on by the disease. But overwhelmingly, the most moving (and rewarding) effect of the site is that individuals don't feel so alone with their diabetes struggle.

As of today, has over 4,300 registered members. We're getting close to the 5,000 member mark that I set as a membership goal for the month of May. Please let everyone know, who you think will benefit, about this site and get them to join. It'll help them, and it'll help us make these valuable connections.

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