Monday, May 18, 2009

College Scholoarships

It's too late for this year, but if you have a high schooler getting ready to start looking at college, you may want to check out the Diabetes Scholars Foundation. It's a $5,000 grant, and up to 15 scholarships are given away each year.

From the site: The Diabetes Scholars Foundation Scholarship Program is available to incoming freshmen seeking a higher education at an accredited four year university, college, technical or trade school. This scholarship recognizes students who are actively involved in the diabetes community, who have high academic performance, who participate in community and/or extra curricular activities and who have demonstrated that they are successfully managing the challenges of living with diabetes. Diabetes Scholars Foundation scholarships are not based on financial need.

This summer would be a good opportunity to start working on diabetes service projects that may make your candidate stand out among all the other applicants.

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