Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Magic Kingdom

A few weeks after diagnosis we went to Disneyworld - at the strong urging of our diabetes educator. It was wise advice. It put us in the mindset that our daughter Cassie was a kid FIRST and a person with diabetes second.

If you are headed to a theme park this spring break, I recommend you take a separate fanny pack or light bag with snacks and your diabetes supplies - having an insulated pouch would be ideal to help keep your insulin cool. Bring extra insulin to keep in he hotel room in case your "to go" supply gets too hot.

And if you DO go to Disney bear in mind that these folks realize that having diabetes requires special care. You can talk to Guest Services and get a card that allows you "Handicap" status. You receive "Fast Passes" to get you to an accelerated line for the popular rides. If it is really hot or if your sugars are wonky this can offset losing your place in line. Dehydration is huge here in sunny CA or FL when you have to stand in line for hours to get on a ride. But remember - you may not want to use diabetes as a crutch to get your child special treatment.

Cassie her grandmother and her mom (my wife) are headed to Orlando now as we speak. I hope they have a magic time that helps them forget the daily burden of diabetes.

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